Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! | December 13th, 2022

I find it interesting that we’d write a song giving our permission for snow to come! Of course, I do understand that the truer intent is to convey that since it’s so cozy inside, we won’t complain about the snow!

But still;

Still, that’s slightly cheeky too.  Isn’t it? Maybe the song is simply leaning on a bit of humor as we laugh at ourselves thinking we have even the slightest say about whether that snow will come.

When snow clouds let go of the store they hold, there is not aforce in this loud blustery world full of egos, and guns, and bombs, and threats—not one thing but God—that can stop it.

It’s quiet.

It’s pretty.

It’s delicately feminine and even fragile.

And it is terrifyingly powerful.

With no hoopla or noise or heraldry, an army of snowflakes holds the power to bring our busy and loud and complaining world to a dead stop. When those tiny gems hear the Creator’s call to advance, they just come.

Those snowflakes are obedient powerhouses of intricate lacework glittering the colors of the rainbow in their joy. They just come with no fuss; and quickly the muddy mess of our world transforms into magic sparkles,

Snow rules over us. And as for me, I find that comforting.  I’mso much more at ease under the authority of something that heeds only my God and has no ears for men.

So go ahead, sing to the snow all you want. It will not be offended nor care whether you approve or not. A beautiful balm will fall on us bringing with it the quiet healing we all so badly need right now.

And you?

You just try to stop it!